Personal Profile

I'm a passionate Software Engineer / Architect with more than 15 years of professional work experience and a dedication to C#, .NET, and the Azure ecosystem. After starting my career in web development, I have gained further expertise in distributed systems and cloud services, mobile application development as well as system administration and DevOps. I have a good understanding of algorithms and data structures, know about the principles of solid software architecture and I'm familiar with agile software development.

Professional Skills

Sofware development and design
  • Build-up of distributed and event-driven (microservice) systems with the .NET / Azure technology stack
  • Backend development using ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and Swagger
  • Frontend development using Blazor and Maui (formerly Xamarin.Forms)
  • Test driven development using Unit and UI testing frameworks (xUnit, Selenium)
Identity Management, DevOps, and infrastructure
  • Identity Management with Identity Server (OpenID Connect, OAuth) and ASP.NET Identity
  • Continuous integration and deployment using Azure DevOps and Github Actions
  • Project containerization and composition of docker images
  • Provisioning of test, staging- and production environments with Kubernetes
Spatial data management and analysis
  • Database modelling of spatial data in MSSQL and PostGIS
  • Publication of services using geographic information systems (GeoServer, ArcGIS Server)
  • Geospatial standards ISO 191xx, WMS, WFS, Simple Feature
  • Development of geospatial solutions using well-known technologies (GDAL, OGR, TopologySuite, ArcGIS)

Work Experience

CEO and Co-founder
Spatial Focus GmbH, Vienna
04-2015 - Present

Software development, data modeling, and consulting with strong focus on the geospatial domain for national and international customers. Participating in ESA- and EEA-funded research projects in the research and environmental sector.

Smart Home App Developer
ms.GIS Informationssysteme GmbH, Mödling
09-2018 - 07-2020

Responsible for refactoring, redesign, and further development of an existing Xamarin.forms based mobile client. Migration of the manual deployment process by introducing a continuous integration process with Azure Pipelines and Microsoft App Center.

Software and DevOps Engineer
IIASA, Laxenburg
09-2015 - 08-2018

Development of ASP.NET (classic) and ASP.NET Core applications. Setup and maintenance of virtualized Hyper-V test and production systems. Modernization and migration of the test environment as well as buildup of a mixed Windows / Linux Docker Swarm cluster.

Research and Teaching Assistant
FH Wiener Neustadt, Wr. Neustadt
10-2011 - 07-2015

Student support and contact person for software development in the field of geoinformatics. Conception and redesign of teaching content as well as lecturer in the Bachelor and Master program. Participation in various internal and external IT projects. Installation and support of the infrastructure for course exercises.